Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Ameriquote values privacy as a top priority, and we are dedicated to protecting the personal information of our customers. This Privacy Policy provides information on how we treat any personal information you may submit to us.

This Privacy Policy applies to this website, (the “Site”), which is made available by Ameriquote, Inc. (“we” or “us”). It is to be noted that this Privacy Policy only applies information collected through the Site and not to websites maintained by other companies or organizations with which we are associated.

Information We Collect and Use

We will collect and utilize personal information about you to better help us answer to your request for products and services provided through the Site. We gather information provided by you in conjunction with attaining quotes for insurance products and services. It will be required of you to provide your full name, address, telephone number, email, and other additional information in order to be paired to insurance carriers and agents who may provide you a quote for their insurance services.

We gather demographic information in addition to your personal information as well. Demographic information is defined as all further information such as gender, zip code, etc. Additionally, we may receive information about you from other online or offline sources and may include that on all present accounts.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

We share your personal information under no circumstances except the following: inquiries for insurance quotes. If you submit a request on the Site for quotes for any insurance products or services, we will share the information contained in your request form (full name, address, telephone number, email, etc.) with third parties, which include insurance carriers and agents, lead aggregators, and other insurance service providers (“Service Providers”) in our network satisfy your request for insurance quotes. In some circumstances, we may obtain additional information about you and/or share that information to Service Providers within our network. We may also share your personal information with our third-party partners so that they can market services or products to you that might be of interest.

We have agreements with Service Providers within our network, which call for them to secure the personal information entered on the Site and limit how they proceed to use said information. These Service Providers must comply with federal and state privacy regulations. When you enter a request to us, you accept that Service Providers may reach out to you via telephone (including automated dialing or recorded line), email, or regular mail based on the information you provided to us in order to process and fulfill your request, even if you have opted into the National Do Not Call List administered by the Federal Trade Commission, any state equivalent Do Not Call List, or the Do Not Call List of Ameriquote, Inc. or one of these Service Providers. If one of the Service Providers contacts you and you do not wish to be contacted again by that particular Service Provider with respect to your request, then you should specifically make a request to that Service Provider to not be contacted again. Please note that the Service Providers may keep the information you submitted whether or not you choose to proceed with the services they offer. We may share cumulative information (for example, information about you and other users combined, but not necessarily identifiable to you alone) and other non-personal, de-identified, or anonymous information we collect with third parties, including our affiliates, to collect and distribute focused advertising on our Site and on the websites of our affiliates and third parties. We may be requested upon to provide your personal information with law enforcement or the government in response to court orders, federal/state audits, subpoenas, or any related circumstances whenever we feel it is necessary to provide information in order to take action to prevent illegal activities. In the future, it is always a possibility that our business may enter into a corporate deal such as a sale. If such a deal were to take place, the company to follow would have access to the information kept by us, including your personal information, but would continue to be obligated to this Privacy Policy unless you permit otherwise as provided here.

Information Collection Technologies

To best accommodate our users/site visitors/Service Providers while also to increase the response time and mechanics of the Site, we utilize a variety of technologies to gather information about our users. We use Cookies, which are a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing.We typically use cookies to minimize the amount of time it takes for pages to load on your computer and to aid with customer tracking. Customer tracking data gathered by us is employed to enhance your experience by helping us gather whether or not you were able to successfully complete the fields on our site.

In addition to these items, we also keep track of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. An IP Address is a unique string of numbers that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. Similarly, we employ a type of technology called clear gifs that help us better manage content on our site and in our HTML emails that we send. Clear gifs are tiny graphics used on the internet that help track the online movement of users. Clear gifs are not affiliated with any personal information. We use this technology because it enables us to gather a feel for the performance of our advertising campaigns.


When you provide your contact information to us on the Site, you are opting in to receive information via email from us directly, on our website or through a third party. It is possible that we will send you newsletters and other emails with offers and promotions from time to time. If you no longer desire to get these emails sent to you, feel free to please let us know by sending an email to

Third Party Advertisers

It is worth noting that we cannot control anything outside of our own mailing list and our own policies. We work with third party advertisers that maintain their own mailing lists and they send out information that may advertise our services. If you provide a Service Provider within our network with your personal information, your information will then be subject to the privacy policies and procedures of that Service Provider. You would need to contact these parties directly in order to opt-out from anything that you no longer wish to receive from them.

Confidentiality, Security and Questions

We take your security very seriously and ensure that a number of steps are taken to protect it. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, you may reach out to us at

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time, and will post notice of such changes to our Site.

Your Agreement

By using this Site, you are establishing your agreement to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not proceed to use this Site. When you request quotes for insurance or any other information through the Site, you are in turn authorizing us to share information with our business partners, who may contact you by phone, email, or mail. If you do not want further communication from them, please contact them directly.