About Us

Ameriquote is an unbiased online marketplace for insurance. We allow you to shop insurance policies without entering your personal information. When you find a product you are interested in, we allow you to call, click, submit an application request, and in some instances, apply online. All this with the hopes that you will cover yourself and your family today.

We Are a Consumer Advocate.

You’ll find if you search for insurance pricing online, most sites want to know your personal information (phone number, postal address, and email address) before they tell you how much it costs. Comparative research is not readily available We think in today’s climate of highly available information, the buying process of insurance needs to change. You should be able to do the shopping for yourself. We don’t require any personal information from you to get started. Just entering your basic “stats” can give you a rough idea of what a policy will cost you. We allow you to sort and select multiple carriers. Once you have your selections ready, you can submit your application request. Similar to Lending Tree (When banks compete, you win) – we believe that giving you the opportunity to shop and apply to more than one carrier will only benefit you. Where possible, we give you the ability to apply online.

Our Agents

We have licensed, friendly agents who are available to answer questions and write applications on your behalf. While we think the entire process should be “agentless,” the truth is, Insurance still requires some agent involvement. In most cases it is still required for you to speak with a real person. When you submit a request or call – you are either routed to one of our agents, or you are connected directly to a partner who will help you with your specific request. We will then work with you to help you accomplish your goal of purchasing the right policy for you.