Founder – personal statements.

Brian’s Storyline:

Hi! My name is Brian Fife and I am the founder of Ameriquote. I started out in the life insurance business over 30 years ago and always enjoyed helping families’ plan their insurance needs and was so successful with it that one of the oldest Life Insurance companies in the country “Fidelity Life” acquired my company – which after a few years sent me into early retirement.

But I missed my old job, as I found it personally gratifying and rewarding, giving people peace of mind and helping then secure their families futures was something that fulfilled me. What I missed most was giving people context and helping them understand the critical nature of life insurance, especially when someone else is depended on them, a wife, a child or a parent – no ifs, ands, or buts – it is an absolute must and every big name financial expert or personal financial advisor will tell you the same.

Over my career I have got hundreds of calls and letters from those who have benefited from my advice and efforts and that made all the difference to me, and that is the reason I wanted to get back in to the life insurance. But I didn’t want to do it the same way, I felt the old way was broken, I felt their was a better way and wanted to lead the sector– my efforts led me to a pioneering technology entrepreneur who was attempting to achieve the same thing on the opposite side of the country in Atlanta.